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We started this podcast to talk about modern-day fads and trends that leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained and burned out. If these feelings sound familiar to you, then you're at the right place! Through our candid conversations, we'll rant about what's got us down this week and toss out some ideas for how we can solve our problems together.

Real talk...why did we create this podcast?

  • Therapy is too expensive
  • We wanted a side project
  • Someone had to say it

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Raj's Headshot
Raj "Work In Progress" Parekh

My day job is mostly cleaning up excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides for important people in fancy suits. But hey, it’s an honest 9-hour workday so I’m not complaining! I graduated from UC Irvine where I picked up 3 degrees along with a specialization in boba and coffee consumption.

Outside of work and this podcast, I love spending time with books, espresso machines and PS4 (where I’m currently trying to get good at Rocket League). I also enjoy cooking as well as going out to try new cuisines. I grew up in Mumbai, India, went to college in Southern California and then moved to the Big Apple, so I guess what I’m trying to say is I moved from Bollywood to Hollywood to the home of Tony Stark.

Sanchit's Headshot
Sanchit "Trainwreck" Wadhawan

My official job title is “analyst”, but these days, whose isn’t? At present, I do my analyzing at a large consulting firm. I graduated from The Ohio State University where I majored in business, watched a lot of football, and complained about depressing weather. My hometown is Knoxville, TN, but I pay rent in Atlanta these days.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and audiobooks, often while cooking or doing chores. I love hiking which is great since I can see Smoky Mountains from my neighborhood on a clear enough day. I go to a lot of fancy coffee shops but my favorite coffee experience is still getting endless refills at Waffle House with a side of hash browns.


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